Selectting objects
We select the object (building or land plot) for the given parameters: budget, location, area
Properly prepare the Object for purchase
Identify the risks of the facility
Select the ideal object for the client, taking into account all the wishes
For what?
Perfect for the future owner
or for the owner's representatives.
Who is it good for?
Order the service
What do we do in the Object selection process?
From objects base we select the best in price.
From those selected by budget select location.
From formed pool of lots together with the client choose the necessary area.
We negotiate with the owner of the Object.

We check the adequacy of the seller, determine the status of the object, purchase format, payment format.

We carry out technical and legal analysis of the object.

Expertise of the object.

We identify all existing town-planning, technical and legal risks of the project, which can affect the project implementation.

Determine the format and structure of the transaction and assist with titling
The object of real estate in accordance with the given parameters of the Client.
The result?
1 to 3 months
How much time?
Prices ?
from 500,000 rubles